10 Best TV Doctors

Over the years, in various different TV shows and films, we’ve seen some great doctors. What they do might not be realistic – if doctors were to behave like that in such a manner in real life they’d be fired right away – but that doesn’t matter, it’s all in the name of entertainment. In fact, some of the doctors we’ve had the pleasure of watching have been some of the best, most memorable characters of all time. That could be for a variety of different reasons. Some of these TV docs love to play God, love having all that power in their hands, healing capabilities, and are egotistical maniacs. But we love them for it. Others actually love their job, love coming to the aid of those in need. Others are comics, and some are just really hot. There’s nothing better than a hot doctor – many people have had that kind of fantasy at one point or another. Anyway, whether they’re hot or not, funny or serious, these are 10 of the best TV doctors we’ve loved watching over the years.

Dr. Lee Thompkins

Dr. Thompkins is a TV doc portrayed by the sultry Morena Baccarin. Morena played doc on the TV series, Gotham. She really was a breath of fresh air on the show. She was someone the viewers watched, hoping to see, and she was an integral part of many storylines. Lee was a doc with a good heart, but because of the people she’s involved with, regularly found herself in peril. I don’t have to add that she’s super-hot too, one of the hottest cast members of that series.

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