10 Fantastic Man-Made Islands Where You’d Love to Live

These days there isn’t anything that humans can’t do. We went to the moon, been to the farthest depth of the ocean, can talk and see people hundreds of miles away. So it really isn’t surprising that we are building lands. Building artificial islands aren’t any extraordinary feat, because there are several scattered around the world. In this we are going to take a look at the most extraordinary ones.

Balboa Island, United States

Located in California, the island is home to a number of small businesses like local crafts, restaurants and even bakeries. The island is pretty heavily crowded (in fact, its one of the densest communities of the County) and has some really large concrete boardwalk for walking. It has one post office and one fire station. The island was build on mudflat surrounded by swampland. In 2016, the island had a parade where they celebrated their centennial.

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