10 Health Benefits of Garlic That Would Help You Live Better Life

Garlic Prevents Brain Damage

One of the most important and lesser-known health benefits of garlic is that it prevents brain damage. It was found in a cell study that an antioxidant, that is found in aged garlic extract, called S-allyl cysteine, protects against brain damage. Antioxidant enzymes present in brain (hippocampus) is activated by S-allyl cysteine that lowers free radicals, thereby preventing damage.

We hope now you see this tiny vegetable in a much better light than ever before and maybe this is what you needed to keep yourself healthy. However, it should be noted that while remembering the health benefits of garlic, one must also keep in mind the side-effects of the same. Excess consumption of garlic leads to body odour and bad breath. Eating raw garlic on an empty stomach may result in gas and an upset stomach. Also, since it has anti-blood clotting abilities, garlic supplements must be avoided at least seven days prior to any surgical procedures. Garlic is also known to have allergic reactions in some, so practice caution.

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