10 Mad Kings That You Might Not Know About

One would expect the highest authority of a state or country to be the level head, open and humble. But history shows us, that isn’t the case always. You might have read about them in history, or you might not have, but the point is when people is power go crazy, everyone suffers. We are putting up a list of the historically famous mad monarch, but the list isn’t limited to the once we have mentioned here or the matter a fact to the people of past. A keen observer will find many of the traits and habits of mad kings and queens here that are pretty much similar to some of the state heads of today’s time. Here are 10 famous mad kings & queens of history.


Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicu otherwise known as Caligula became the emperor of Rome in AD 37 after his grand-uncle and adoptive grandfather, the emperor died. An Early account of his reign suggests that, after sitting on the throne, the first six months he appeared to the noblest and moderate ruler that ever lived but later he became cruel, sadist, extravagant, had sexual perversity, and was pretty much called an insane tyrant.

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