10 Types Of Men You Should Avoid


Mama’s Boy

There is absolutely nothing wrong about a man loving his mother. Infact, most women think that a man who loves and respects his mother will most likely love and respect his wife. And it is true to a large extent. However, if you notice some moments in his behavior you should be alert: if he calls his mom every time you get into a fight, or if his mother still pays his bills, or if he wants his girlfriend/wife to ask for his mother’s advice in every single question, etc. These are all signs that your man’s mother is the most important woman in his life and you will hardly be ever able to replace her.

The Loser

Most women will not be happy to try securing their future with men they won’t be able to count on when they need them. These men usually do not care enough to get some job, who live with their parents and at their expense, who play video games or watch movies all the time and do not think about their own future. It does not necessarily mean all women need a man who can pay their bills, but a man should be able to provide for himself and his family, otherwise he should not even think about starting one.

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