The Most Heartbreaking Deaths While Taking Selfies

Seldom comes a moment, which is captured so horrifying on camera that it tells you a thousand stories, filled with anticipation, fear and deadly consequences. It is especially true if the photograph is clicked right before a disaster. They become even more eerie if they are selfies, because it usually is taken by the person whose life is threatened by the immediate future. Today, we are going to take a look at some of these photographs. So, here’s presenting before you 10 heartbreaking deaths while taking selfies.

  1. The Bride-to-be

Starting our list of 10 heartbreaking deaths while taking selfies at number 10 is this cheerful picture. The picture is taken when Ashley Theobald was driving her friend Collette Moreno to the latter’s bachelorette party. After both of them decided to take a selfie, they met their horrific fate. It turned out to be their last picture together. After losing control of the vehicle, they met with a head on collision, which led to the untimely death of Collette.

  1. Stranded

Coming in at number on our list is the last self-portrait of the famous hiker Christopher McCandless, who decided to live simply off the land with minimal supplies at the Stampede Trail. He lived in an abandoned bus for more than 100 days. His corpse was finally discovered in 1992, which weighed only 30kgs (66lb). The exact reason behind his death is yet to be found, but it is widely speculated that it was starvation that cost him his life.