The Most Heartbreaking Deaths While Taking Selfies

Seldom comes a moment, which is captured so horrifying on camera that it tells you a thousand stories, filled with anticipation, fear and deadly consequences. It is especially true if the photograph is clicked right before a disaster. They become even more eerie if they are selfies, because it usually is taken by the person whose life is threatened by the immediate future. Today, we are going to take a look at some of these photographs. So, here’s presenting before you 10 heartbreaking deaths while taking selfies.

  1. The Final Ride

Number 1 on our list of 10 heartbreaking deaths while taking selfies is a selfie taken by Ramon Gonzalez, aka Jadiel to his fans. Jadiel took this selfie moments before he met with a deadly motorcycle crash. In the picture, he is wearing a helmet and a face protector. Dying at a young age of 27, Jadiel left a whole world of fans mourning for him.

These stories are heartbreaking to read. We can only hope that people get inspired to lead their lives more safely and not play with it. Taking a picture or a selfie is no harm, but it should not come with the cost of losing a life. Let’s practice caution because our lives are important, to us, to our loved ones. Thank you.

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