The Most Heartbreaking Deaths While Taking Selfies

  1. Ocean Deep

Number 8 on our list is this terryfying photograph of Tina Watson at the bottom of the ocean floor, taken whilst she was on her honeymoon with her husband, Gabe Watson. Both of them attempted to dive in Queensland, Australia. However, the current and tide became too strong for Tina to overcome and she sank to the bottom of the ocean floor. Meanwhile, her husband Gabe, swam up to the ocean surface. He stated that he did so because he didn’t have the expertise to help her out. The photograph was taken by another person who was trying to photograph his wife as they were diving. Tina can be seen behind her lying face-up on the floor.

  1. Electric

Next up at the 7th spot on our list of 10 heartbreaking deaths while taking selfies is a sweet yet daring picture of Xenia Ignatyeva. The image was taken just a month before she could turn 18. In order to get a selfie, Ignatyeva climbed up to a railway bridge that was 30 feet high. She daringly got to the narrow end of the bridge to take the perfect shot. She soon saw herself falling down to her demise. The fall alone could have been fatal, but what led to her death was the electrocution which she experienced midway as she grabbed the 1,500 volts live wires to save herself.