The Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever (Updated)

  1. Larger than Life

10 most perfectly timed photos ever at number 10 is this splendid photograph taken in front of the iconic Sydney Opera House. Here, what seems like a bunch of spectators staring up at a large man, is nothing but an illusion of vision. The person in violet is in reality standing on an upper level than the three people in the photograph, who are standing near to the swimming pool at a lower level. As, the floors are of the same colour, it seems that all of them are standing on the same even level.

 So, there you go! Which of these 10 images did you love the most? Which one did you had to look for the longest time to figure out what is wrong with the image? Which one confused you the most? Let us know in the comment section below. We appreciate hearing from you!

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