Top 10 Healthiest Foods In The World

 Sweet Potato

The sweet potato is a dicotyledonous plant that belongs to the morning glory family Convolvulaceae. Its large, starchy, sweet-tasting, tuberous roots are a root vegetable.

The sweet potatoes are a readily available, inexpensive and nutrient rich vegetable in the world. They are a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B-6, potassium and calcium.  There is no fat in sweet potatoes ad rich in dietary fiber and antioxidants which are very good for your health

Health benefits of sweet potato

  • The high dietary fiber contents in sweet potatoes help to boost the digestion process.
  • The antioxidant compounds in sweet potatoes protect against cancer and good for healthy eyes.
  • The presence of Vitamin A and Vitamin E nutrients are great for a healthy immune system.
  • The Vitamin 8-6 nutrient in sweet potatoes can reduce homocysteine chemical that causes many heart problems. It is also good for lowering the blood pressure and regulate the heartbeat.
  • The iron minerals in sweet potatoes boost the formation of white blood cells and for a healthy immune system.
  • Sweet potatoes can also regulate the sugar and insulin levels in your blood.

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