Top 10 Hottest Sportscasters


As crude as it may sound, a lot of people watch women play sports to ogle, because not only are they good at what they do, they’re mightily hot doing it. A lot of female athletes play to this, because they know it’ll get people watching. Broadcasting networks know this too, hence they get sultry female sportscasters on board to boost their viewing figures and ratings. These 10 beauties certainly have that affect. Plenty of people tune in to watch them alone; these are 10 individuals that upstage the athletes, the sport on show, because they’re some of the hottest women on screen. Here they are for your reading and viewing pleasure; the top 10 hottest female sportscasters.

10. Erin Andrews

Think of sportscasters in the U.S. and you think of one name, and that’s Erin Andrews. She’s been around for a long time, has sportscasted on pretty much everything, and has become somewhat of a TV personality over the years too. It’s easy to understand why. Not only is Erin hot, she has the looks, the figure, and a bubbly, vivacious personality that audiences can’t get enough of, just lap up. She’s also posed in a number of sultry shoots, so fans have seen a lot of Erin over the years, which suits everyone perfectly.

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