Top 10 Most Beautiful Weather Women

TV and broadcasting networks know that sex sells. So, why not liven thing up a bit, make an otherwise boring subject, like the weather, one of the most popular segments? That’s precisely what they do, and many do this by getting super-hot weather girls on board. Some of these weather girls nowadays – wow, they’d brighten up even the gloomiest of days. These ten are some of the hottest weather women around. They just ooze sex appeal, and certainly get people watching, tuning in just for the latest weather update, not that people are really concentrating on what’s happening on the weather front when these beauties are on screen. They’re just sizzling hot, so hot in fact, that they could be deemed to be responsible for global warming. Here they are, the ten most beautiful weather women around.

Jackie Johnson

Jackie Johnson is a forecaster for KCBS TV News out of Los Angeles, and has become so popular, the network’s devised a name for the effect she has on people, the aptly named Jackie Johnson effect. She’s got brains too, is a self-confessed weather nerd, and of course, is super-hot, someone who gets people interested in the weather.

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