Top 10 Youngest Murderers You Need to Know of

In a crime scene, children are usually associated with being the victim and not the culprit. Today we are going to list down 10 youngest murderers whose stories are downright shocking. Some of these crimes are so brutal that it’s hard to believe it’s been committed by children. As controversial as it is, the number of child murderers are increasing each year. And that tells us something about the human civilization!

Dig into these shocking 10 youngest murderers:

George Stinney

George Junius Stinney Jr. is a 14-year-old murdered, an African-American who was sentenced to death on charges of murder of two white girls. He is said to have admitted his crime. But apart from the investigator’s note there is no evidence of his confession. This had led many to believe that Stinney could have been innocent and was victim to a racial based discriminatory trial.

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