World Most Transparent Animals – Top 10

In the world as we know it, there are different kind of animals. Animals with different colors, shape, size, and height. Most of them are beautiful and most of them you really wouldn’t want to see them in your dreams. Many of these animals choose to hide and many just show up once in a life time. Many are considered to be shy. We may not know more about this animals but making our research makes us discover more about them. Today we are going to show 10 different animals that are transparent. Well most of them are glassy and ghostly. But we are going to show you them today. Many of us may have seen this animals but just choose to ignore.

Sea Angel:

Sea Angel

Many may think that this is a Jellyfish mere looking at it. But it’s not a jelly fish we were all arguing about this until we made our research. Well there are many sea creature that looks just like a Jellyfish such as, Salps and Sea Cucumber and there are many more sea creatures that looks like a Jellyfish. But what we came to see and really understand is that all these Jelly looking creatures all have one thing in common which is their glassy skin.

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